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Creating a Balinese Paradise in your Backyard

Your very own tropical Balinese garden in your own backyard doesn't have to just be a dream! We regularly help customers build their ideal Bali paradise with just a few tips to get them started.

Here's our top tips for building your own Bali Garden:

1. Set aside some space

The first step to building a Bali Garden of your own is to allocate some space. Assess the space you have available in your backyard, front yard or wherever you choose and start sketching away. The sky really is the limit here so consider your budget.

One way to get an accurate idea of what's possible is to hire a sydney surveyor to get a gauge on whether you can build. The most elaborate Balinese gardens have walkways, traditional balinese structures and maybe even a swim up pool.

But if you don't plan on doing major works then all you'll need to do is roughly design your garden with a walkway and various feature spots.

2. Pick your pieces

No Balinese garden is complete without some feature pieces! Choose your water features, statues and maybe a mini bungalow for good measure. Top it off with some balinese flags, wind chimes, or your very own mini-temple for total serenity.

3. In goes the garden!

Now that you've got your layout and feature pieces, consult a landscaper to select the perfect tropical plants suited to your climate and location. A mix of short and tall foliage, an array of green shades and a sprinkler system to keep them all happy is essential.

There you have it! The first step to your Bali paradise.

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