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Adding a Water Feature to your Home

Wandering around your hotel or Villa in Bali, you'll notice that water plays a huge role in the architecture and landscape of a property. From the lush pool area to the hotel lobby the sound of water flowing, trickling or splashing fills your ears.

It adds a relaxing and familiar sound as you take in the warmth, smells and sunlight. It's no wonder that one of our biggest selling items at Bali Garden are water features - the perfect addition to your garden or pool area.

But if you don't have a large property or garden, you don't have to miss out on bringing the tranquility of a water feature into your living space. We install plenty of indoor water features into the homes and entrances of Bali lovers.

From our Glass Panels with water flowing down the face, to our water pots and lily gardens, our statues with water spouts and our abstract marble features and terazzo baths - there are just so many ways to bring Bali home and make it work in whatever space you have.

Here's the steps you should take when considering what kind of water feature to display in your home.

1. Assess where you have space

Start by walking around your home and looking at the various rooms and areas that have space for a water feature. Also consider that a water feature is generally the feature of a space, so you'll want to select somewhere that is central to your home and won't be squished into an area or battling with other pronounced features like a chandelier.

2. Consider where it's safe to insert a water feature

You'll want to keep your water feature away from electronics and potential safety hazards. If you have small children you'll want to be sure the feature is not in a dangerous area or nearby anything electronic that they may splash water onto such as a TV or light fixture.

3. Determine what plumbing is required

If you plan on having running water you may need to insert pipes and a pump system. While many water features are self contained and merely require a small pump that flows the water from the base of the water feature back into the top, some features require a more complicated setup. Especially if you wish to hide the pump and plumbing then you may want to call in a professional plumber. We can highly recommend a Northern Beaches Plumber if you live in Sydney, the North Shore or Northern Beaches.

4. Measure up and prepare

Measure the size of the water feature and ensure it will fit through your entrances and into the area you'd like it to be. You may need to select a water feature that is demountable, or something lightweight. Be sure that if it is mounted you have the appropriate area to affix it that can handle the weight of not only the feature but the water as well. Remember that 1 litre of water weighs 1 kilo and those kilos can add up quickly with a larger feature.

5. Purchase your piece and install

We have a wide range of water features, so come and visit and select the perfect piece. We'll can also deliver and help you to bring it into your home. However we suggest you hire a professional to any installation that requires drilling, mounting or complex plumbing.

6. Decorate and enjoy!

Now that you have a gorgeous water feature in your home, it's time to decorate! floating flowers, moss, air plants,

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